Credit Scores Over 800 Open A Wide Range Of Financial Opportunities

You might think that being in the 800 club, that is people with credit scores of 800+ is out of your league, especially since only 18% of all consumers ever reach a score that high, but it is indeed possible for anyone to reach that score range. You just need to manage your credit is all.

Credit scores can range from 300 to 850 and credit scores of 700+ are considered good by most lenders, but a credit score of 800+ tells lenders that you are a prime borrower. It tells lenders you pay your bills on time, that you do not have a lot of debt and that you take the lead in life. Credit scores of 800+ carry a lot of perks, perks that are well worth the journey it took to obtain that score. For those who say having a perfect credit score does not matter, here is the perks that open up to you with such a credit score.

Low Interest Rates:
With a credit score of 800+ you will save thousands of dollars in avoided interest charges over your lifetime. This translates to lower monthly payments on mortgages and installment loans. This also increases your buying power considerably, as you will have more money to spend due to avoiding so much interest. Good credit scores also open you up to 0% introductory rate credit card offers where you can make purchases often times up to 18 months without paying any interest. Some auto lenders even offer 0% interest financing to those with credit score ratings of 800+, which is the same as paying cash, saving you thousands of dollars over the lifetime of the loan.

Obtain Your Dream Job:
Many employers today check your credit rating as part of the hiring process. In today’s modern society it is not enough to merely have a higher education and experience, employers want to know how you handle your finances, as finances speak a lot about someones trust worthiness. When you obtain a loan you make a promise to pay it back, not paying it back is akin to stealing so if your credit report is riddled with charge offs then that speaks a lot about your character. Credit checks are very common with government and financial jobs or any job where you handle company or consumer funds. A credit score over 800 can easily push you to the top of list of potential candidates for the job.

Better Credit Card Offers:

While most people can obtain a credit card of some sorts, but the best credit cards are only offered to those with perfect credit. The higher your credit score, the better the card you will be offered. Having a score of 800+ opens you up to the best credit cards on the market, ones with ultra rich rewards programs which essentially pay you for merely using the credit card. If you pay the balance off in full every month then these rewards truly come at no cost as you will be avoiding any interest payments. Other perks include concierge service, reduced priced tickets for events, travel and other high-end benefits.

Faster Loan Approvals:
With a credit score of 800+ not only will the loan process move along faster, you will also have lenders competing for your business. Just by showing your income and your credit score you can walk into any financial institution and obtain the reasonable loan that you need. People in this credit score range are a creditor’s dream borrower. Not only that but you will also enjoy nearly unheard of interest rates that only people with perfect credit can ever obtain.


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