Texas Lenders In Spotlight With Regulations Quickly Changing For Loan Products

As any resident of Texas knows, Texas is loaded with lenders, many of whom offer personal loans. You can barely drive but a few minutes before seeing some sort of lender. Texas has more lenders than any other state. Yet that does not mean you are getting the best possible deal. Have you noticed that many of these lenders charge an effective APR of 400 percent or higher? In fact many of these lenders are nothing more than glorified payday loan lenders. If you are looking for a legitimate personal loan, with decent rates and flexible terms, you may have been finding your in true options rather limited in Texas. Which is why I recommend any Texan to take it to the next level and expand their options to include online lenders. Sure these lenders might not be based in Texas, but many of them will offer a better rate than you could hope to find locally.

If you have never dealt with an online lender and have some worries, never fear. We are going to provide a list of online lenders who have a solid reputation in regards to making personal loans to Texans. You deserve the best possible rate. Applying for these loans is rather easy, even more so since you can do so comfortably from your own home. Applying is also fairly fast, and with response times tending to be within 24 to 48 hours, with some lenders even beating the 24 hour mark. All you need to apply for one of these loans is to have some type of verifiable income and a social security number. Also many of the lenders on my list, outside of having a rock solid reputation and outstanding customer server, also allow you to check on what rate you qualify for, without ever affecting your FICO score. I highly recommend checking what rate offer you can receive from these lenders, since merely checking your rate carries no obligation and no risk. Here is our list of the top online lenders serving residents of Texas.

Texas Direct
Texas Direct has been in business for a long time, and is a part of a network that sometimes offers loans through Citigroup Inc. Not only do they take loan applications online, you can also visit a local branch in person. One key benefit of this lender is that you can choose what date of the month your payment is due, which makes it easier to balance your checkbook and finances. They also do not charge prepayment penalties, which comes in handy for those who like to wipe our debt as quickly as possible. While they offer unsecured personal loans, they also offer you the option to use you car as collateral, which has the benefit of lowering your interest rate. Loan amounts can be as low as $300 or as high as $15,000. For those who need small amounts this is a solid lender, but those needing $20,000 plus will need to look elsewhere. Learn more at http://www.texasdirectlenders.com/


If your credit score is low, and you feel you have no other options than using one of the many payday lenders doting the landscape of your city think again. Vouch will offer you a loan with a credit score as low as 600, but there is a catch22 involved. This lender requires you to obtain what they call “Vouches” from either your friends or family. A Vouch will mean they take partial responsibility for your loan, but not full responsibility. It is much like cosigning a loan, with a few key differences. For one they are not on the hook for the whole loan. Secondly for any loan of $2000 or higher, every single vouch you obtain grants you a 1% interest discount. With enough vouches you can obtain an interest rate as low as 7.35%. Of course this rate assumes that you can get enough people who know you to vouch for you. This lender takes lending principles back to the day when loans were based on character, and by the judgement and trust of your peers. To learn more simply visit https://vouch.com/home

If you take out loans often, as many Texans do, this might be just the right lender for you. Besides being able to check your interest rate without affecting your credit score, this lender often gives repeat borrowers a interest rate cut on subsequent loans. For those with excellent credit who meet certain standards set forth by prosper, you qualify for an AA rating and an interest rate as low as 5.99 percent. Loan amounts range from $2000 to $35,000. To learn more visit https://www.prosper.com


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